Women ‘see car maintenance as a man’s job’

Using car shampoo to clean a motor and other tasks surrounding vehicle maintenance are jobs for men to do in the eyes of many women, a new survey has shown.

Research by SimpleMotoring.co.uk revealed that tasks such as checking oil levels and keeping the car in good condition is something that males are responsible for.

Just over half of ladies surveyed said they know how to check oil, coolant and tyre pressures, while 90.9 per cent of gents said they understand how to carry out such jobs.

Motorists using tyre cleaners should be vigilant with the latter, as Roland Head, founder of the website, said that those under the recommended pressure could be losing money.

"Flat tyres increase your fuel consumption [and] are more likely to puncture, while a stealthy oil or water leak could end up doing catastrophic and expensive damage to your engine," he noted.

The study also found that ladies are not keen on taking cars to garages to get them serviced.

More than 81 per cent stated they feel intimidated doing this, while 63 per cent of men admitted to feeling anxious doing the same thing.

According to Mr Head, it is important that owners know how to carry out basic maintenance tasks.

"Knowing how to check the oil, water and tyre pressures on your car is an essential element of car ownership. These are not jobs that can safely be left unchecked between services – to do so is to invite problems," he added.

A study by HiQ recently revealed that 42 per cent of drivers are making journeys with dangerously bald tyres.

Those from Birmingham, the north-east and Cheshire are the most likely to travel around on tyres that are below the minimum required tread length.

Farrell Dolan, retail development manager at HiQ, described the situation as an "automotive time bomb".

Posted by James Robson

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