Dodo Juice Diamond White Carnauba Car Wax

Dodo Juice Diamond White is a carnauba paste wax specifically formulated and blended to get a crystal clear wet look shine from white, silver and light coloured cars.

Sometimes mistakenly referred to as Dodo Juice White Diamond and not to be confused with the Poorboys glaze of that same name, Diamond White is a blend of white beeswax, micronised carnauba and natural oils to bring out the very best in what are difficult colours to get deep shine on.

Dodo Diamond White is classed as a “Hard” carnauba wax. This doesn’t mean that it is hard to use but instead refers to the fact that it produces a hard wax coat protection on your car, truck or bike.

The finish you get with Dodo Juice Diamond White is a crystal clear amazing gloss. Take a look at the video below and you will see just what I mean.

How To Apply Dodo Juice Diamond White


Dodo Juice DJDW250 Hard Wax, Diamond White First ensure that your paintwork is well prepared for a coat (or two) or wax. This may involve a number of steps, including washing, claying and polishing.

  1. Using a soft foam applicator pad, wipe it across the wax in the jar so you get an even thin layer onto the pad.
  2. Working a panel at a time, gently apply the wax to your paintwork in a back and forth motion, leaving a thin even layer
  3. Allow it to dry (cure) for 5 minutes.
  4. Once cured simply buff off with a soft microfibre buffing towel.
  5. If looking to layer your wax and add another coat, leave at least 24 hours between applying each layer.

Dodo Juice Diamond White Review

One of the great features of Diamond White from Dodo is that a little goes a very long way. It is extremely easy to apply and you only need to put a small amount on the applicator pad. In fact one 250ml pot should last 2-3 years of average use.

I have used it on both my white VW T4 and a silver BMW 5 series and would always get great comments on how glossy the paint looked, especially from others that had light coloured cars who would seem a little envious.

It also lasts a good while but more so in the summer months. It’s probably not one I would use for winter protection and although did not last as long as the Pinnacle Signature II, which is another of my favourite high end waxes for for white, silver and lighter cars it would tend to last a good 4-6 weeks.

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Buying Dodo Juice Diamond White

Dodo Juice Diamond White is mainly sold by specialist detailing product retailers. It is not a product you will often see in out-of-town or high street auto stores. That said some of the best deals for Diamond White can be found online, especially Amazon and eBay.

Dodo Diamond White comes in two sizes, a 30ml tester pot, which is usually enough to last for 2-3 uses and a 250ml jar which as mentioned above should easily last 2-3 seasons.

The 250ml pot has a recommended price of around £33/$43 with the 30ml recommended at around £6/$8

However, it is possible to pick them up online at:

Dodo Juice DJDWP30 3676, White
  • Easy-on, easy-off carnauba car wax
  • Impressive water repellence and high gloss finish
  • Apply by hand or applicator, buffs in minutes
  • Average coverage is 3-4 layers on a typical car from 30ml jar
  • Mild solvent makes it perfect for classic cars
Dodo Juice DJDW250 Hard Wax, Diamond White
  • Use: Apply Dodo Juice to clean paintwork, then leave to cure for approx 5-10 minutes until hazed. Do not allow to cake on. Buff off with a clean microfibre. Layer after 1-24 hours if required.
  • Smells of Vanilla
  • Suitable for light coloured cars
  • Diamond White is a Hard Wax
  • Although Dodo Juice waxes are colour specific, any wax can be used for any colour car. The colour specific waxes make very very subtle differences and so you can rest assured you can ether buy the wax for the colour, smell, or simply just because you want too.

Over to You

Have you used Dodo Diamond White on your car – were you pleased with the results? Did you find it easy to use and reasonably long-lasting? Please let us know your own experiences of this wax, especially on white, silver or maybe an unusual colour you have on your car. We’d love to hear the details. Please post them in the comments box below.

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