Car Windscreen Repair | How to use glass scratch remover to remove scratches from your windscreen

How to remove scratches from glassIs your car windscreen or glass letting the side down? Are you seeking to find a windscreen and glass scratch remover to get rid of the annoying scratches in your glass? If like me and many other car enthusiasts you will strive to get the best possible shine on your paintwork, rims, tyres trim and any other part of your motor that gleams.

You then stand back only to be confronted by those horrid scratches in your windscreen glass – but how can you get rid of them…? The following is a simple guide to removing wiper blade and other scratches from your car glass and windscreen:

Before you begin your glass scratch repair

The steps I will outline involve using nothing more than an ordinary variable speed electric drill found in most homes, some glass polish and polishing pads.

If the glass you are looking to repair is not toughened or tempered or laminated, it is very important to avoid generating too much heat. A carefully maintained water flow will keep the glass cool and reduce the chance of breakage.

    1. Clean the scratched or marked area making sure that it is completely free from dirt and dust
    2. Fill a spray bottle, pop bottle or glass with water
    3. Attach a polishing backing plate to your drill (see kit details at end of this blog post) and fit the polish pad to the plate
    4. Apply a small amount (about half a teaspoon) of glass polishing compound to the pad and place the face of the polishing pad to the affected area of the glass or windscreen
    5. Following your drill manufacturers instructions, start your drill. A speed of 2000 rpm is recommended with an absolute max of 2500 rpm
    6. Keeping the polishing face flat against your glass, move the drill with a slow swaying action, ensuring that you keep the movement and avoid stopping in one place. It is IMPORTANT to ensure that you DO NOT keep the pad in contact with the glass for longer than 20 seconds at a time as if the glass gets to hot it can crack
    7. When the polishing compound dries out, stop your drill and wet the pad with water and repeat the process until the scratches on your windscreen or glass are completely removed
    8. Keep the polishing pad wet and at regular intervals wipe the damaged or marked area to see if the scratches are still present
    9. Once finished simply use your regular glass cleaner to remove any residues from the polishing compound that may have splashed down the screen and hey presto your screen should be gleaming once again – like the rest of your car.

The above outlines the general process needed to remove the majority of scratches most commonly caused by wiper blades. It is possible to remove deeper scratches from glass. This process is similar but simply involves applying a sequence of progressively finer abrasives.

Car Glass Scratch Remover Kit

Whether looking to remove wiper blade damage or more deeper windscreen scratches all the relevant compounds, plates and pads are now readily available in a Car Glass Scratch Remover Kit range. Simply click the link for more details.



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