Review of Britemax Easy Cut and Final Shine Metal Polish “Twins”

Britemax Twins Metal Polish Test Gleaming Back BoxIf there is one brand that is certainly making a name for themselves in the world of metal polishes at the moment – that brand is Britemax. Here one of our regular contributors – Mark Beardmore – puts their flagship Britemax Twins Metal Polish to the test.

Originally from the US the Britemax brand and product range have been introduced into the UK by father & son team John & Matt Rooke – both with a keen interest in the world of motoring.

Their two flagship metal polishes in the range are the Britemax Easy Cut and the Britemax Final Shine. The first being a fast working concentrated polish to remove grime and oxidation and the second being a lighter polish and sealant to remove light to medium blemishes and provide a long-lasting sealant protection to your metal.

I will let Mark take up the story with the details and results of his test: “The first car i tackled with the Britemax wax Jens’ Vauxhall. This has a full stainless system and it looked like it had never been touched.

First I used the Easy Cut with a microfibre applicator, this removed a lot of the grime build-up but I felt I could do better so I got out the 00-grade wire wool and used this with the Easy Cut, after removing as much of the tarnish and build up as possible I went over again with the Easy Cut on the microfibre, this was buffed off to reveal a good shine.

I followed this up with the second stage Final Shine which increased the shine and is from what the manufacturer says a sealant, this was applied once again with a microfibre applicator left a few minutes to haze/cure and then buffed off to reveal a great overall finish.

This whole process was repeated on my Mazda with similar results meaning now I have two cars with lovely shiny back boxes.

My conclusion of the products is, they are very easy to use and if an extra bite is needed a bit of fine grade wire wool makes removal of harder deposits a lot easier going. Whilst not removing everything the products delivered an excellent finish, in a relatively short space of time so overall they get a big thumbs up.

Our thanks to Mark for taking the time to put these products through their paces and sharing the results and pics.

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