How To Get Your Faded Bumpers Back To GREY!

Getting Faded Grey Bumpers Back to GreyYes that’s right, this is an article on how to get your faded bumpers and trim not back to black, but back to grey. The majority of the questions we receive on this subject do relate to black and we have previously written a full article on this subject a link to which is provided below.

However not all vehicles were made with black bumpers, with a significant number being supplied with grey bumpers.

Unfortunately these grey bumpers and trim also suffer from UV and climate attack in the same way black ones do and will fade to a horrible patchy dull near white colour over time.

So how do you restore faded grey bumpers back to grey?

The answer lies in one particular product called Wurth Plast PT Grey. Unlike many of the trim and bumper dressings on the market, this is a long-lasting plastic & rubber dye which will permanently re-colour your trim back to grey and last for years rather than just cover it in a shiny dressing that only lasts weeks, if that.

Like its black counter-part the Wurth Plast PT Grey is easy to use and apply and can save you £’ss restoring your bumpers back to grey rather than having to buy news ones.

To get the deep black colour that you desire, the steps you need to follow are really very simple and straight forward:

1) Simply remove all dirt and grease from your bumpers and trim

2) Ensure the parts to be re-coloured are dry

3) Using either the supplied sponge applicator, evenly apply a coating of your chosen product across the surface or your bumper or other trim.

4) And that’s it. In 5-30 minutes, depending on what you are treating, your trim will have a long-lasting deep rich greyness to it.

With severely bleached bumpers or trim you may need to apply additional coats, but one tube goes a very long way.

The beauty of the Wurth Plastic Dyer Plast PT Grey is that it can also be used on vinyl roofs, fabric soft tops, interior plastic trims, rubber parts and water hoses as well.

Finally as mentioned above if you do have black bumpers or trim that also need treating your can read our article on How to get the Bumpers on your Car Back to Black.


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