Autoglym New Products 2022 – Quikrefresh, Bucket, Grit Guard And Washmitt

Recently announced from Autoglym, A British staple in the detailing world. Four new products to add to their already extensive lineup. Announced on the 3rd March 2022 for release at the end of March, three new essential accessories and a new in-between wash product. 

Following the release in 2021 of Autoglym’s Rapid Ceramic Spray. A hydrophobic maintenance detailer, It has been a huge hit! A simple spray and buff spray that protects and leaves a super glossy shine. Customers have been long awaiting what next is to come from Autoglym and we have now had these 4 recent releases. 

Let’s check them out!

Autoglym QuikRefresh

The new Autoglym QuikRefresh is an in between wash maintenance product to bring your car back to a just washed like result. Using microemulsion technology in the liquid that lifts dirt away from the paintwork reducing any risk of causing scratches and swirls. 

Used to remove light traffic dirt, dust and stationary rainfall containments 2-3 days after a regular maintenance wash. As the name suggests the Quickrefresh is designed to refresh the wash and finish of your car in as little as 15 minutes. Only needing a bucket of warm or cold water with 5 caps of Quickrefresh and a super absorbent microfibre towel which Autoglym recommends the Autoglym Instadry which is a highly rated smear free microfiber drying towel.


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Autoglym Bucket And Grit Guard

Autoglym have finally released their own bucket and grit guard system. A 20L (litre) heavy duty and durable bucket designed to work perfectly with the new Autoglym grit guard. The bucket is translucent so you can monitor the amount of water left and the 20 litre capacity means you can wash even the largest of cars and vehicles without topping up or refilling. 

The Autoglym Grit Guard is perfectly designed to snugly fit in the Autoglym 20L bucket and its extended height is designed to trap grit and debris beneath preventing it from attaching itself to your washmitt greatly minimalising the risk of scratches and swirls on the paintwork of your car. Over 200 segments in the grit guard allows the road grime to sink below and not get carried back onto the wash mitt. 

The Autoglym bucket and grit guard are recommended to be used with the two bucket method meaning using two bucket and two grit guards. One used for shampoo and the second for rinsing allowing you to rid of any loose particles on the washmitt before applying more suds and wash back onto the car body.

Pairing this method with the /spanspan, will safely wash your vehicle and leave a glossy slick finish. The final piece of the puzzle is the application of the shampoo in your new bucket and grit guard system.

Autoglym Microfibre Washmitt

The ultra plush microfibre noodle mitt displaces and traps dirt particles within its noodle and mesh construction with ease allowing you to continue to soak and wash the car surfaces without dragging grit along to create scratches and swirls. The quality mitt features mesh inserts to even soak glass and pick up bugs, bird muck and other grit buildups.


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