Meguiar’s Sunlight 3+ MT103 Detailer Inspection Light

The Meguiars Sunlight 3+ is a high spec detailers inspection light featuring a wide temperature range, stepless brightness output and a solid aluminum alloy build.

Co-branded with Scangrip who lead the way in innovative LED products, the Meguiars Sunlight 3+ (MT103) is the perfect detailing light to spot imperfections, swirls and scratches to help aid in the paint correction process when detailing your car or truck.

Easy to use by anyone from the experienced professional detailer to the weekend enthusiast, who simply wants to take care of their daily driver. With a last-use memory setting, you will never lose your favorite lighting conditions to seek out those blemishes. Simply turn off and back on to retrieve your last used setting.

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05/17/2024 05:16 am GMT

Easy to understand dual output readings lets you see your Kelvin temperature and lumens output simply on the back of the device. 

With unrivaled “built to last” quality with its rugged aluminum alloy casing with dustproof IP65 rating the Meguiars Sunlight 3+ detailing light will stand the test of time in your kit bag.

Fitted with a fold-out stand/hook with a strong built-in magnet this light can be angled and attached to most metal surfaces and also backed by a 2-year warranty* 

The dual separate button operations for both temperature and lumen brightness with seamless linear stepless changes let you fine-tune your perfect setting for your vehicle. 

From 50 to 500 lumens (lm) output range, this light can last up to 25 hours on a single charge* with its built-in rechargeable 4000mAh battery.

Color temperature from 2500k (household bulbs) to 6500k (direct sunlight to cloudy sky) this device mimics perfect everyday light to target pre-existing defects.

Meguiar's Sunlight 3+ MT103 Detailer Inspection Light Meguiar's Sunlight 3+ MT103 Detailer Inspection Light

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“The MT103 Sunlight 3+ is definitely a must-have tool for anyone detailing on a regular basis.”


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