All in a days Detailing with Meguiars, Poorboys and a G220 Polishing Machine

Colin contacted us to ask for some advice on detailing his Jaguar. He wanted to get a really good shine and was looking to buy the Meguiars Dual Action polishing machine. After recommending various products including a mix of Meguiars and Poorboys Black Hole, Colin finally got the good weather – and results –  he had been waiting for:

Colins' Jaguar before detailing commenced
Colins’ Jaguar before detailing commenced

“I started by rinsing the car off with a hose, I then mixed some Meguiars NXT car wash in my Meguiars bucket with grit guard, I soaped the car all over using a Meguiars Microfibre Wash Mitt after fully soaping the car, I thoroughly rinsed the car again using a gentle spray from the hose. 

I dried the car using a Meguiars Water Magnet drying towel. Although the car was now clean the paint didn’t feel smooth especially below the rubbing strip there were spots of tar and other contaminants which made the paint finish feel like it had been painted with grit.

So now I decide to use a Clay bar, this was a first for me, I have never used Clay on my car before, I chose PMC Clay bars for this and lubricated it with Meguiars Quick Detailer, following the instructions in your detailing guide I soon got the hang of it and was really surprised by how quickly the paint started to feel smooth, even the really rough feeling paint on the bottom of the doors and the door sills.

Once I had finished Claying the whole car, I washed and dried the car again as described above, to remove any Clay residue, this time I washed the wheels using a stronger solution of Meguiars NXT Car Wash as per another one of the detailing guides. Although the paint now felt glassy smooth it wasn’t gleaming yet.

This was the moment I had been waiting for a chance to use my New Meguiars G220 Dual Action Polisher, I used this to apply Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze. This went on really quickly using the Polisher, when I began buffing the Poorboys off you could see the swirl marks disappear. After doing the whole car with the Poorboys I now had to seal this new deep colour, for this I used Meguiars Crystal Carnuba Wax, applied and buffed to a deep glass-like shine using my Dual Action Polisher.

I sealed the wheels using Smart Rim Wax, the tyres were dressed with Meguiars Gold Class Endurance High Gloss Tyre Gel, applied with a Meguiars Tyre Dressing Applicator Pad. I like this applicator as it has a little guard so you don’t get the gel on your hands.

Now it is finished it’s time for the after photos which I think speak for themselves, it was time-consuming, but the results made it all worthwhile.

Colins' Jaguar after detailing with Meguiars, Poorboys Black Hole & his new G220 Polishing Machine
Colins’ Jaguar after detailing with Meguiars, Poorboys Black Hole & his new G220 Polishing Machine

You will notice I use a lot of Meguiars products, this is because I like the ease of use and the results their products give, also they don’t smell too bad either.

When you suggested using Poorboys Black Hole, I was a bit sceptical at first. It was like;’ what you want me to use something other than Meguiars ?’, but I thought I would give it a whirl as I had phoned you for advice it seemed silly not to take it. I’m glad I did as I was surprised how deep it made the colour look, I will definitely use it again.”

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  • Chris C
    Posted April 16, 2011 9:32 pm 0Likes

    Wow, Colin you have done a cracking job there.

    Seems like a spot-on choice of products for PM too


  • Joe
    Posted March 4, 2013 3:50 pm 0Likes

    I would like to see the comparisons, before/after same time of day and car in same position in similar weather conditions. Looks great from the pics but I need more comparisons

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