Meguiars Ultimate Wax & Meguiars Ultimate Polish Review

Meguiars Ulimate Paste Wax & PolishHere, with the help of one of our previous contributors we see how the established Meguiars Ultimate Wax and Ultimate Polish perform.

Step in Mark Beardmore, who travelled across to pick some and test out on Black 07 Ford Fiesta he was detailing later that day.

Before getting into the detail of the products themselves we must congratulate Meguiars on the quality of the packaging.

Not only do these products look good on the shelves in their new packaging, but they are also very sturdy and will have no problem in remaining intact when making their way through the post. 

So what makes these Meguiars products so exciting?

It is fair to say there is more excitement around the wax, than the polish. Both the Ultimate paste and liquid waxes are synthetic waxes as against carnauba based and use what Meguiars are terming their latest “Hydrophobic” technology to increase the surface tension across the protective layer(s) it creates which enhances the water beading to help it roll right off your paintwork.

The really exciting development however comes in the form of Meguiars “ThinFilm” technology which makes both waxes very easy to apply and remove – even in the sun and with only the need for small amounts to be applied at a time, allowing them to go a long way.

Additionally, and what is understated both on the packaging and in the brochures, is that the Meguiars Ultimate Wax Paste and Ultimate Wax Liquid both come with a free quality black mircrofibre cloth and applicator pad which makes the complete package extremely good value for money.

Marks review of Meguiars Ultimate Polish & Paste Wax:

“We started out by claying the car with the PMC Clay, using Meguiars Last Touch as clay lube. Once the car was clayed we went straight to the polish which was a little harder to use than expected, I suspect I’ve been spoiled by Dodo Limeprime Light and Poorboys Blackhole.

The amount of polish used was probably a tenth of a bottle and was applied with a foam applicator and buffed with a normal microfibre. It did however deliver pretty good results ready to be complemented with the Ultimate Wax.

On this occasion, we were trying out the Ultimate Wax Paste which was applied by myself and removed by my friend who commented on how easy removal was after the Mothers wax that he has been previously used to.

This first coat was left to cure for about an hour whilst we cleaned the wheels then Optisealed them and dressed the tyres with Autoglym tyre dressing (not my personal choice but its what he had).

Finally, the car was given a second coat to ensure full even coverage. Wax wise I used the applicator and microfibre cloth that came with the wax to apply and remove. The amount used was very small as the wax seemed to go along way.

Once worked, the wax had a similar texture to Pinnacle or Vics Concours or even Poorboys Natty’s Blue on a warm day – quite soft and buttery like.  I did have an opportunity to test sheeting which was very impressive and will update shortly on the beading effect and longevity.”

Meguiars Ulimate Wax Deep Shine Reflection

Our thanks to Mark and Simon for letting us have their review of these new Meguiars products – as Mark summarised;  Meguiars Ultimate Wax

“Used in conjunction with Meguiars Ultimate Polish  definitely delivered the deep mirror-like shine that was claimed, it was easy on and off making it a pleasure to use.”

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