Autoglym Launch All-New Anti-Bacterial Multi Surface Sanitiser

To help motorists keep their cars germ-free, Autoglym has recently launched their all-new Anti-Bacterial Multi Surface Sanitiser.

This new all-purpose sanitiser with anti-bacterial action kills 99.99% of all-known nasties and is ideal for occasional deep sanitising or daily maintenance of all washable vehicle surfaces. Its anti-bacterial action leaving surfaces literally clean enough to eat your take-out off.

Conforming to standard EN 1276, this pleasant-smelling spray is totally safe to use on plastic and all washable vehicle surfaces, although it’s advisable to wipe it away after cleaning for a perfect finish.

Although super tough on bacteria, it’s also supremely gentle on all interior materials, meaning it can be used as often as needed.

In the current environment where we’re all a little more conscious of germs and bacteria, this 500ml bottle will help keep motorists, garage owners and detailers that little bit safer.

Autoglym Anti-Bacterial Multi Surface Sanitiser is available from most local stockists or online detailing product retailers and marketplaces.

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