Chemical Guys Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towels

From experience of the detailing product’s market, the premium plush Chemical Guys microfiber towels are certainly one of the most popular choices of cloths with detailers world-wide. 

But what makes them so popular and highly rated? Simply put, these premium microfiber towels are made from scratch-free material with silk banded edges for further protection and the vibrant bold color provides you with visible feedback on when to flip or wash to reduce scratches and damage to paintwork on your car or truck. 

Microfiber is now the standard material in the detailing industry for both cleaning and drying and Chemical Guys have developed a perfectly blended 380 GSM 70/30 plush double-sided microfiber available in multiple sizes, including 16×16 inches (40.6cmx40.6cm) all the way up to 25×36 (63.5cmx91.4cm)

The Chemical Guys microfiber towels have a thicker fluffy and soft premium refined loop weave on one side for easy and absorbent drying as well as gently picking up dirt and grime from surfaces without scratching or creating swirls.

The other side is designed to buff away waxes, sealants, and polishes with ease being made with a shorter pile weave is an excellent choice for wiping down windows and glass.

Chemical Guys MIC_506_12 Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towels, Gold (16 Inch x 16 Inch) (Pack of 12)
  • 70 30 ultra premium elite banded microfiber towels
  • Best suited for drying wet surfaces or for use with quick detail and waterless carwash products
  • Microscopic fibers in supra towels allow them to absorb upto 10 times their weight in liquid
  • 360,000 strands in every square inch of highly refined loop woven microfiber
  • No streaks, 100 percentage lint free

Chemical Guys Premium Grade Microfiber Cloths Video

The perfect ways to use these amazing Chemical Guys microfiber towels are soaking up wet washes, soaking up detailing and waterless wash systems and buffing waxes and sealants.

Also voted number 1 choice in microfiber cleaning towels and available as a 1 pack up to a 12 pack provides fantastic value for money and sufficient for any job of any size. 

What Do Users Think?

The majority consensus amongst users, is that these microfiber detailing towels are of very high quality and come highly recommended.

Some users in their reviews do say they may need a few washes to remove all the lint to become streak-free. Side note: remember whatever your choice of detailing towel, when it comes to washing your microfiber, always do it without the use of softener/conditioner.

The color is also a strong point after the performance of these towels with the customers being extremely happy with the vibrant color showing up all of grit and solids from the paint surface to indicate when to flip and even wash.

Chemical Guys Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towels Chemical Guys Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towels

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