Wurth German Silver Alloy Wheel Paint

Wurth Alloy Silver Wheel Lacquer is one of the most popular silver alloy wheel paint for DIY alloy wheel refurbishment and respray.

It is a fast-drying lacquer spray paint that matches the standard alloy wheel paint used by Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi, Fiat and most other European manufacturers. Also excellent on TSW Alloys and GM Vauxhall.

Wurth sliver alloy wheel paint can be effectively used for spot repairs or full wheel restoration.

The German design nozzle produces a fine, even spray that is easy to control and produces a near-factory finish. Wurth silver alloy wheel paint also dries quickly and is chip resistant.

Use several very light coats and allow 30 minutes drying time between coats. The silver color coat will have a textured look and feel that provides a three-dimensional effect when properly finished with a clear topcoat (use two coats of Wurth High Gloss Clear Alloy Wheel Lacquer as the final topcoat).

One 400 ml can of Wurth Alloy Wheel Paint is enough product to coat on average two complete wheels.

Würth Lacquer Spray Various (Special Silver 400ml)
£21.11 (£52.78 / l)
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Wurth Silver Alloy Wheel Paint Reviews

Great Product Excellent match for BMW alloy wheels (and I am picky). Nice even spray allowing for touch-ups as well as full wheel refurbs. Gives an original factory finish when followed by a high-quality lacquer. Great product that I will purchase again and again. Jason – Heath Charnock

Great Paint! Great service! Used on chipped fork legs of Honda CBF1000A Motorcycle. Excellent coverage, great finish – I added a clear Lacquer -and fairly close colour match to original which was a bonus. Order acknowledged and dispatched within hours, arrived quickly despite postal strike. All round excellent. Thanks Don Wood – Stoke-on-Trent

Good Product Matches BMW alloys very well. Nozzle makes application easy for a spray can. Anonymous –

Better than anything else I’ve tried The product is far better than anything you can get from Halfords or Euro Car Parts by a long way. Perfect for Mercedes Benz, you do need the clear lacquer and as stated in the advert 1 can of each will do 2 wheels I wouldn’t try and stretch it any further. Great service really pleased. Mike Quilter – Southampton

Lovely stuff!! This is superb paint. Excellent fine spray which is v easy to use. Gives a repro of the original VW finish at a sensible price if you prepare well. Don’t bother with the cheaper stuff, just get this. My Golf wheels look like new – none of that ‘cheap repaint look’. I’m absolutely delighted Hungrycollie – brecon beacons

Wurth German Alloy Silver Wheel Lacquer Superb service backed up by a great product. Howard Hughes – Formby

Great product that achieves a pro finish. A very high-quality product than defies conventional wisdom that says pro finishes cannot be achieved via aerosols – gives a superb and eye catching “german” silver shade when topped with Wurth Lacquer Jeremy – Peterborough

Great product and service Perfect colour match with fast delivery. Christian – Yorks

BMW R1200GS Engine Case Refurb Superb colour match on my BMW bike & the finish is superb.  Phil Taylor – Wirral

Best Product I have ever used Excellent match for BMW wheels, even better than the BMW spray. Great for touch-ups and easy to use. Combined with Wurth lacquer produces a superb finish. Jeff – Carlisle

Easy to use and a good colour match Having bought an ‘alloy wheel touch-up kit’ on ebay and received a couple of 5ml pots I was delighted to find this full-size can at performancemotorcare. Delivery was the next day and when I applied it the following weekend the colour matched nicely. Good product, great supplier. David – Surrey

Brilliant Produces excellent finish and match on Vauxhall/GM alloys. Wish I ‘d have found this earlier it would have saved a lot of disappointment when trying to patch up kerb marks. Geoffrey – Oxford

Great product and service Brilliant quality, easy application, high-quality finish. Great service as always! –

Great product Gives a great finish, matches well with Mercedes alloy wheels and easy to use. George – London

Very good Matches Fiat alloy really well and proving to be very durable finish when laquered. Goes on quite thick. –

Pleased As others have said this product is very good. i too am picky and the colour match is perfect. Very easy to use and am pleased with the finish as I used the clear lacquer on top. My wheels look like new again, –

Quality paint, nice finish and very tough. I’m no paint sprayer but with careful preparation, I achieved a very nice finish. I removed the overspray with 1200 w/d and applied the clear lacquer which gave the wheels a superb Oem (Bmw) gloss, colour and finish. I used a bit too much so had to order 2 more cans to complete four wheels. JR – Berks

Excellent Best Match I’ve ever found for Bmw & TSW Alloys Mattie – Oxon

Good stuff good coverage, easy to apply and didn’t clog. Wasn’t a perfect match on my Audi wheels but from a distance it’s passable. Maybe because I went for a cheap lacquer instead of the Wurth one. George – London


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