CERAKOTE Ceramic Trim Coat Restoration Kit

What Is Cerakote Trim Coat?

Cerakote is an advanced ceramic-based automotive trim coat restoration system designed to restore and protect plastic, rubber and metal components on trucks, cars, ATV’s, UTV’s, boats and more, The kit’s specialized ceramics provide superior color restoration and protection from the effects of UV rays, moisture and environmental contaminants while also adding a brilliant finish to bumpers, side skirts and other plastic trim pieces. 

It is not just a trim “dressing” as many products on the market. It is a restoration kit and ceramic coating in one. Its scientific formulated ceramic bonds to the uncoated surfaces bringing out the pigment and “like new” shine. Also due to the Cerakote bonding to the surface it boats lasting an impressive 200 washes while leaving a layer of protection against the elements.

Why Do You Need Cerakote Ceramic Trim Coat?

Does your car or truck have dull, sun faded and grey plastics and trim that originally left the factory black? Cerakote ceramics helps restore plastic, rubber and metal surfaces to a like-new condition and provide superior protection against UV rays, moisture and environmental contaminants. Additionally, it adds a brilliant finish to plastic trim pieces such as bumper covers, side skirts, headlight surrounds and truck beds. Cerakote trim coat kit also helps prevent discoloration, fading and peeling that can be caused by environmental pollutants and sun exposure.

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How Do You Apply The Product To Your Car or Truck?

Applying is relatively easy to do at home with the right supplies. You’ll want to ensure that you have all the necessary items to prepare your car by using a good quality car wash shampoo and detailing mitt. Then you will be ready to add the protection and restore using Cerakote plastic trim restorer kit and bumper black.

Next, carefully follow the instructions provided in the in the kit to apply the coating. This includes cleaning and prepping the surface then followed by drying using a quality microfiber towel. Just before application, use an automotive degreaser on the plastics and trim to pick up any remaining grease and grime trapped with in the pores, buff off and you’re ready to go. 

Using cerakote ceramics is as easy as putting on protective gloves, opening the packet to the wipe and wiping and applying to the surface making sure not to get any restorer onto the paint of your vehicle.  If this occurs wipe down with a dry microfiber and  allow the ceramics to cure and dry usually for around 1 hour.

Some severely damaged areas may require a second pass of the wipe and or using a second one.  If you use correctly, you can easily restore your plastic trim pieces and provide superior protection against UV rays, moisture and environmental contaminants and having multiple wipes in the kit means you can protect and restore multiple areas on many different vehicles.

Main Features:Cerakote Ceramic Wipes

  • It comes with a 2-year guarantee
  • It can be applied with 10 individually packaged pre-moistened wipes
  • Ceramic based product brings out pigments and bonds to plastic
  • Restores and protects plastic trim
  • Guaranteed to last for at least 200 washes 
  • No greasy mess while using

Why should you give this trim coat technology a try?

The simplest reason is the perfect solution for restoring its plastic trim and preserving its black look. Cerakote doesn’t wash off after 200 cleans, ensuring your car or truck looks perfect for up to two years. Its application process is also very easy and doesn’t require any mess.

All you do is open the packet and simply follow the instructions to apply. You don’t need to spray greasy products all over your vehicle or use any secret ingredients. Furthermore, Cerakote is trusted by some of the world’s most advanced aerospace, automotive and technology companies due to the ceramics-based product, which brings out the pigments and bonds to plastic.

Overall, the Cerakote ceramic trim coat kit is an excellent solution for those looking to restore the plastic trim and preserve its black look while at the same time not getting any greasy mess.

Over to you:

If you are looking for a plastic trim restorer that restores the bumper’s black look and protects it from further damage, the cerakote is the perfect solution for you. It is easy to apply and comes with a 2-year guarantee. So, what are you waiting for? Give the Cerakote a try today and get your vehicle looking amazing and like-new!

Cerakote Ceramic Trim Coat Kit
  • 2 YEAR GUARANTEE! - You read it right! We'll come right out and make a guarantee that nobody else will. Cerakote Trim Coat is a CERAMIC coating that will last 2 years!
  • DOESN'T WASH OFF! - Lasts up to 200 washes of your vehicle!
  • RESTORES AND PROTECTS YOUR TRIM - Unlike other cheap products that give you a temporary greasy shine until they wash off, Cerakote Trim Coat will actually restore AND protect your trim.
  • NO MORE GREASY MESS! - One Cerakote Trim Coat Kit comes with a pair of gloves and 10 individually packaged, pre-moistened wipes. It's simple, you follow the instructions, open a pack and start wiping.
  • IT'S SCIENCE - The trim Coat is a CERAMIC based product that brings out the pigments and bonds to your plastic. That's science.
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