Poorboys White Diamond Show Car Glaze For Light Coloured Cars


If you’re on this page and you have a white, silver or other light colour paintwork on your vehicle, you will know like me how difficult it can be to get that real deep clean shine, where all you can normally see are masses of dulling swirl marks.

Enter Poorboys White Diamond Show Car Glaze, a real game changer when it comes to polishing light coloured paint.

Poorboys White Diamond is a formulation of gentle paint cleaners which remove grime and grease from the fine swirls in your paint.

These are combined with special fillers which smooth over the cleaned swirls to make your paintwork look perfectly smooth ready for your wax or sealant, giving your vehicle that deep gloss diamond like shine.

What’s more Poorboys White Diamond can be applied by hand or machine as well in the sun or in the shade. It really is an extremely versatile and effective product.

Available from specialist retailers this product which originates from the US is available in 3 core sizes; 473ml (16oz), 936ml (64oz) and 3.78L (128oz).

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How To Apply Poorboys White Diamond

By hand:

  1. Slightly dampen a foam applicator pad
  2. Add approx a 10p coin size (25mm) spot of poor boys white diamond to the centre of the pad
  3. Apply to the panel being worked on wiping thin and even across the paint
  4. Leave to dry for about 15 minutes – it doesn’t matter if it’s more
  5. Once it has dried to a haze use a quality microfibre buffing towel to buff to a deep shine

By Machine:

  1. If machine polishing ideally use a dual action polisher
  2. Fit a foam finishing pad to your machine
  3. Prime you pad with poor boys white diamond – to do this run a line of the product around the pad about 1/3 in from the edge. Then using your finger wipe the product around the pad moving towards the centre as you go. Then pick up any remaining product with your finger and wipe around the outside edge to fully prime the pad
  4. Apply 3/4 spots of product approx 5p coin size (20mm) around the pad
  5. Work across the panel at approx 3000-4000 – average speed setting of 3-4, until only a thin layer is visible on the paintwork
  6. Leave to dry to a haze for approx 15 minutes
  7. Buff off as per the hand polishing method

Poorboys White Diamond Glaze Review & Ratings

We have had a couple of direct reviews and ratings provided to us below. A quick check on Amazon.co.uk shows it has a further 12 reviews all at 5 Star ratings.

5  Easy to apply, so easy to take off with no hard rubbing. Lovely finish to my Silver Car, rating value 05    John Morris –

Poorboys diamond White polish  Decided to give this a go as poorboys stuff is quality, product goes on well and u can see it haze, polishes off with ease and brings up a silver car a treat! Would defo buy this product again as it gives you a great finish without having to break the bank or having to rub it for hours!    –

Buying Poorboys White Diamond

Unfortunately White Diamond is not easy to find on the high street or in nationally recognised motoring retailers. The best deals are therefore more often found online.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

 Your Turn

Have you used Poorboys White Diamond Glaze on your car, bike or other vehicle. Were you impressed with the results? How easy did you find it was to use?

Please share your experiences and thoughts with me and your fellow motor enthusiasts using the discussion box below. I really do appreciate your feedback as I know many of our readers do also.

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