Poorboys Black Hole – The Show Glaze For Dark Cars

Poorboys black hole removes & hides swirls

If you have a black, blue, red or other dark coloured paintwork on your car or bike you will know how difficult it can be to maintain that mirror like gleam. This is where Poorboys Black Hole comes into it’s own, with very little else on the market that can touch it in terms of performance and value for money.

Poorboys black hole is what is known as a glaze in the professional car detailing and valeting world. This means that it both cleans and fills light swirl marks in your paintwork to give your vehicle that deep glossy shine you’ve been looking for from your cleaning products.

It is also extremely easy to use and can be applied by hand in both sun or shade. It it also suitable for use car polishing machines if you have one.

Not only is Poorboys black hole glaze an extremely effective product it is also very popular and highly regarded product as shown in some of the reviews and comments shown further down the page.

In a nutshell – Poorboys Black Hole:

  • – Removes and hides swirl marks
  • – Leaves a deep glossy shine in dark paintwork
  • – Can be used in the sun or shade
  • – Safe on all types of vehicle finishes
  • – Easy on & easy wipe and buff off
  • – Use by hand or machine polishing

The most popular size for Poorboys Black Hole is the 473ml – 16floz bottle. However, it does also come in larger 946ml (32oz) and 3.78L (128oz) sizes.

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How To Apply Poorboys Black Hole

By hand:

  1. Slightly dampen a foam applicator pad
  2. Add approx a 10p coin size (25mm) spot of poor boys black hole to the centre of the pad
  3. Apply to the panel being worked on wiping thin and even across the paint
  4. Leave to dry for about 15 minutes – it doesn’t matter if it’s more
  5. Once it has dried to a haze use a quality microfibre buffing towel to buff to a deep shine

Note: This guy adds two spots to his pad although he is working with a larger than average foam applicator pad.

By Machine:

  1. If machine polishing ideally use a dual action polisher
  2. Fit a foam finishing pad to your machine
  3. Prime you pad with poor boys black hole – to do this run a line of the product around the pad about 1/3 in from the edge. Then using your finger wipe the product around the pad moving towards the centre as you go. Then pick up any remaining product with your finger and wipe around the outside edge to fully prime the pad
  4. Apply 3/4 spots of product approx 5p coin size (20mm) around the pad
  5. Work across the panel at approx 3000-4000 – average speed setting of 3-4, until only a thin layer is visible on the paintwork
  6. Leave to dry to a haze for approx 15 minutes
  7. Buff off as per the hand polishing method

Poorboys Black Hole Ratings & Review

Great easy to use product  I used ‘Black Hole’ on my metallic black Alfa Romeo and was delighted not only by the finished result, but how easy it was to apply and buff-up. It’s important to use a sealant afterwards for long lasting results – Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection worked very well for a mirror finish.    John – Leicestershire

Didn’t expect much was very surprised  Many products make great claims but fail to live up to them. Took yet another chance and brought black hole and it lived up to every claim. Polished up by hand my older black XKR even my neighbours commented on how great it looked after

Excellent I’d tried quite a few products to try to remove small areas of blemishes on my black car, but without complete success. Black Hole did indeed manage to make them virtually undetectable.The mirror like finish was a nice bonus – I’m glad I tried it    Rowland – Herts

POOR BOYS BLACK HOLE  Brilliant stuff !!. Found your site on Google and very pleased with the results.The swirl marks on my Black Aston Martin have now gone, and will be recommending your product to my friends and relatives.Your service is second to none, and i wish you both well for the future, you deserve it. JR.    John – Cornwall

Mirror Finish  Bought this to us on my Triumph Daytona 675 motorcycle brings the paintwork up a treat with a mirror finish , excellent for black paintwork highly recomended!    Chris – Yorkshire

Excellent  I used this on my metallic black fiesta st500. Really gave it a great shine and deep finish. For best results use a sealant and top off with Poor Boys Natty blue wax. Easy to apply and buff up and a little goes a long way.    Sally – Sussex

Found this product very good  I’ve used it on a dark grey Volvo and am pleased with the result    William Humphreys – Formby. Liverpool

Was very pleased with the results  This product lived up to its billing and to the excellent reviews which it received. I was impressed by the way it removed the swirl marks and the depth of shine which it lkeft. Easy on and easy off and have recomended it to several of my friends who were also very impressed by the results.    Dave – Glasgow

Excellent  Works very well hiding swirl marks and light scratches on my black car. Topped off with Autoglym HD wax it leaves you with a swirl free mirror shine. It doesn’t mask deeper marks and stone chips.    Ian – London

Top product  Poorboys products were recommended and i can honestly say this is another excellent product that really delivers superb results,at a very good price!    Mark Beardmore – burton on trent

Buying Poorboys Black Hole Show Glaze

Some of the best deals available on Poorboys Black Hole can be found online, especially on Amazon and eBay.

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Over To You

Poorboys Black Hole has a very loyal following as many reviews and ratings show. Have you used it on your car or bike? Has it transformed your paintwork? How do you rate it? I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback in the comments area below.



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