Poorboys World Car Detailing and Care Products

Established in August 2002, Poorboys World carved its niche in the automotive industry by offering high-quality detailing products aimed specifically at the needs of the Street Rod and Classic circuits.

Its inception was spurred by the founder’s extensive experience – spanning a quarter of a century – in the business, during which he had been selling a variety of detailing products from numerous manufacturers at these circuits.

As the years rolled by, the founder, Steve, realised a recurring sentiment among his customer base. The enthusiasts in these circuits yearned for a product line that was economical, user-friendly, and applicable even under direct sunlight, without compromising on delivering show-worthy results.

Motivated by these consumer needs and aspirations, Steve decided to develop his own range of car detailing products.

The endeavour, however, was not without challenges. The primary obstacle lay in finding a chemist who would help in formulating a unique product that met Steve’s specifications, rather than offering a ready-made product for rebranding.

Furthermore, it seemed as though there was a distinct lack of concern for environmental safety amongst the chemists he encountered.

Fortunately, fortune smiled upon Steve when he met a forward-thinking and innovative chemist who not only showed enthusiasm for the project but also shared Steve’s vision for environmentally safe products.

Collaboratively, they began the journey of creating products that would not only meet but surpass the detailing standards of the time.

Their first product was met with an overwhelming response, selling out almost immediately. Thanks to Steve’s reputation and respect within the Street Rod and Classic circuits, word spread quickly, and Poorboy’s World products soon became the talk of the town amongst street rodders and classic car enthusiasts.

In a whirlwind of success, Poorboy’s World gained substantial publicity and widespread recognition within the automotive industry. Online car care enthusiasts picked up on the buzz surrounding the brand, and Steve wisely capitalised on this momentum.

He sent out a plethora of free samples to some of the most experienced and objective detailers he could find, further fuelling the positive chatter around his product range.

The feedback he received was not just positive; it was truly astounding. The acclaim and commendation from these industry professionals further cemented Poorboy’s World’s position as a premier provider of car detailing products.

Since those heady early days, Poorboy’s World has continued to evolve and innovate, never resting on its laurels. Keeping true to its original mission, the company consistently seeks customer input to develop new, unique products that fulfil specific needs.

As they often say, “the rest is history”. Poorboy’s World remains a testament to the founder’s commitment to delivering high-quality, environmentally friendly, and user-oriented car detailing solutions.

The brand stands strong, continually refining its product range and never forgetting the community it was born to serve.

Poorboys World Product Range

Over the years, Poorboy’s World has built a comprehensive suite of car detailing products that cater to various specific needs of both professionals and casual enthusiasts. Though I don’t have the ability to access real-time data or a full list of their current offerings, I can certainly outline a general selection of product categories that Poorboy’s World is known for, as of my training cut-off in September 2021.

  1. Car Wash and Shampoo Products: Poorboy’s World offers a range of car washes and shampoos, designed to safely and effectively remove dirt, grime and contaminants without damaging the paintwork or removing existing wax or sealant protection. These are often pH-neutral to ensure they don’t compromise the integrity of the vehicle’s finish.
  2. Car Waxes and Sealants: Known for their durability and ease of application, Poorboy’s World car waxes and sealants are designed to protect the vehicle’s surface while providing a deep, glossy shine. These can often be applied in direct sunlight, which is a unique selling proposition for the brand.
  3. Polishes and Compounds: These products are specifically designed to remove surface imperfections such as scratches, swirl marks and oxidation. Poorboy’s World offers a range of polishes and compounds that cater to different paint types and conditions, enabling detailers to achieve a flawless finish. They are particularly well known for their glazes, specially created for light and dark paint colors.
  4. Wheel and Tyre Products: This range includes cleaners and dressings designed to keep wheels and tyres looking their best. These products are developed to effectively remove brake dust, road grime and other contaminants while being safe on various wheel finishes.
  5. Interior Products: Poorboy’s World also offers a selection of interior detailing products, including upholstery cleaners, leather care products, and air fresheners. These are designed to clean, protect, and enhance the vehicle’s interior surfaces.
  6. Microfibre Towels and Accessories: To supplement their car care products, Poorboy’s World provides a range of high-quality microfibre towels, applicators, and other accessories. These ensure safe and effective application and removal of their products, further enhancing the results.

It’s important to note that these products reflect Poorboy’s dedication to quality, usability and environmental responsibility. They often come in highly economical sizes, are easy to use and deliver exceptional results, even when used in less-than-ideal conditions, like direct sunlight.