Top 10 Practical Motorcycle Gifts & Present Ideas for Motorbike Lovers In 2020

Muc Off Bicycle Essentials Cleaning Kit Hot on the heels of our Top 10 list for car lovers it seemed only right to take a look at the 10 best and most sought after motorcycle gifts for the motorbike lover in your life.

So girls what do you get your biker husband or boyfriend for Xmas and guys what about the biking lady in your life? – here are just a few suggestions based on what others have been searching and buying for birthday and Christmas gifts.

1 – Muc-Off Ultimate Motorcycle Care Kit By far the most popular motorcycle gift crammed with all the essentials to keep the bike looking its best all year round.

2 – The Wurth Brake & Chain Care & Cleaning Kit with all the essentials to keep your motorbike chain in pristine working condition.

3 – Motorcycle Dryer – makes a breeze of drying the bike, safely blasting the water from every gap and crevice on the bike – rapidly climbing up the list of most popular motorbike presents.

4 – Motorcycle Wheel Cleaning Roller The perfect motorcycle lover gift that’s unique, practical and affordable. Enables the wheels to be turned for easier cleaning, while the bike is stood on its stand.

5 – Dry Chain Lube – what can you say about these products whether from Wurth, Profi or others – just one of the essentials most motorbike owners appreciate.

6 – Motorcycle Care Brush Set – all the brushes the motorbike owner needs to take care of their prized machine..

7 – Motorcycle Battery Tender – Not one you may think of immediately but others have been – a fantastic bit of kit to keep the battery charged and in tip-top condition when the bike is in storage over winter.

8 – Muc-Off Motorcycle Essentials Kit – if you didn’t want to stratch to the ultimate kit in gift idea no.1 above, then this motorcycle cleaning kit is an excellent choice. We just wish it included a wash mitt instead of the sponge.

9 – Premium Anti-Fog Treatment – the one step anti-fog solution for motorbike helmet visors keeps the vision clear by preventing fogging of the visor.

10 – Muc Off Motorcycle Pressure Washer Full Kit – new for 2020 currently only available in the UK

These are some of the most popular Christmas and birthday motorcycle gifts and present ideas people have been seeking to buy for the bike lovers in their lives in recent months.

Hopefully, it may give you some ideas of what to look for for your friends, family and colleagues, this festive season.

And one final one from my list of motorcycle gifts. This one is more appropriate for those of you who know someone who likes their trial bikes  – the . This great bit of kit will allow the mud and muck to be easily and quickly washed off wherever you are.

I hope you find these ideas useful and wish you a happy and enjoyable holiday season.

Here are further details of the motorbike gift ideas mentioned above:


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