Meguiars New Products For 2021

As part of their latest detailing products line-up for 2021 Meguiar’s have announced they are expanding their popular range of new products in Si02 technology otherwise known as hybrid ceramics that is said to improve water beading while still protecting, cleaning and increasing the durability of your paint. As well as its ultimate high-end premium car care range of products.

New Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Paint Coating

Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Paint Coating

A new durable paint protection formula giving your car and truck paintwork protection for up to 1 year plus. A professional protectant that will outlast the array of waxes and sealants already out in today’s markets.

Also being of Meguiar’s hybrid range it takes advantage of the advanced water beading and leaves your paintwork slick and smooth with a show shine-like finish.

This new product comes in a handy complete kit and includes a bottle of surface prep, A hybrid paint coating aerosol can, an applicator for the product and two premium microfiber towels and is on sale now.

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New Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wash & Wax

Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wash And Wax

The new 2021 hybrid ceramic wash and wax combines two liquids together in the same bucket that includes a surfactant to lift and wash away dirt and grime from your car, and the added Si02 boost that adds instant water beading during your wash.

See fantastic instant results in getting added protection from the wax additive while you wash your pride and joy. Compatible with the rest of the meguiar’s hybrid range to top up and add protection in any situation.

The chemical balance means this new product will not remove pre-existing waxes from the surface of your car or truck. Designed in conjunction to use with the brand new meguiar’s hybrid wash mitt that we will discuss next.

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New Meguiars Hybrid Wash Mitt

Meguiars Hybrid Wash Mitt

A new double-sided premium wash mitt for dual action. The orange fluffy chenille microfiber pulls and traps the dirt and grime while leaving your paintwork scratch free while washing.

The grey flat side is designed as a waxing side designed for use in conjunction with the all-new wash & wax absorbs the Si02 ceramic element and spreads evenly across the panels for maximum beading. Reusable and washing machine safe can be used over and over to wash and protect.

The noodle mitt design consists of plush and soft fibers to guarantee no damage to your clear coat. Also safe and recommended with all other meguiar’s wash and shampoo car care products.

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2021 New Meguiars Ultimate Insane Shine Foam

2021 Meguiars Ultimate Insane Shine Foam

The newly announced 2021 high gloss tire foam quotes “Spray and walk away” that boasts a thick active foam that cuts through dirt and grime on your tires leaving them dark and an even glossy long lasting show worthy shine on your cars.

In a convenient spray can ready to use with no prep needed and will leave a wet look that will last using a synthetic polymer composition. With no excess product needing to be removed only the handy spray can is needed to get the perfect shine.

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UPDATED 2021 Meguiars Ultimate wax

UPDATED 2021 Meguiars Ultimate Liquid wax UPDATED 2021 Meguiars Ultimate Paste wax

And finally in this line-up of 2021 new products, the already legendary ultimate wax available in both liquid and paste have both had a refreshed and updated new formula that delivers even better durability, still easy to apply and wipe off, and long lasting wax that boasts deep shine and advanced protection for your car or truck. The new updated formula also adds more water beading to this already packed product. The easy spread liquid can even be applied in the sun!

Effective by hand or dual action polisher like the MT300 dual action polisher safe for glossy and clear coats. This product includes a premium foam applicator and microfiber towel for easy on and off application. Meguiar’s quote “Our best just gets better” So you don’t want to miss out on this amazing experience.

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If you have or get a chance to try any of these Meguiars new products for 2021, before we do, please let us know what you think of them in the comments below. We’ll also keep a watch for any promotional sale offers and bring them to you if we see any,

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