How to get your Harley Davidson Motorcycle Engine Back to Black

We regularly get asked this question – “My Harley (or other make of motorbike) engine has faded from black to grey – how do I get my Harley motorcycle engine back to black?”

Fortunately this is not a question we have to uumm & aaarrr about. For many years now we have had the benefit of being able to supply one of the best (in ours and many others’ opinions) products that can turn a faded and now grey motorcycle engine back to black, almost in an instant.

S100 Engine Brightener

But don’t just take my word for it… here are a selection of reviews we have received from customers who have used S100 Engine Brightener:

S100 Engine Brightener Motorcycle Engine Back To Black

Star rating for getting your motorcycle engine back to black with S100Great product  Great product, have been using it for years now, on the Harley.   Martin Williamson

Can’t speak highly enough of this product  I live in a hard water area, and after washing, the black engine on my Rocket III looks more grey than black. This product completely solves this. No washing off – just spray on, stand back and admire!! Couldn’t be simpler or more effective – a great product – tin’s a bit small – will do 3/4 coats.   Tim Osborne – Wiltshire County

Does what it says on the tin brilliantly  Followed the instructions and the engine came up nice and clean and black again (if that makes sense). Gotta admit can’t figure out how it works or why its so quick but who cares – does what I want and I’ll order more   Jimmy Young – Scotland

Brilliant stuff!!!  Gota Harley with a black engine that was starting to look very grey and tired. Sprayed this stuff on and almost instantly the engine is back to showroom condition. It even got rid of various polish smears that had inevitably stained the engine when polishing the brightwork. Fantastic stuff.    –

A must-have item  Got this for my Harley, first black engine and was worried how to keep it looking good, well this is the product to do just that, have used it twice so far and think it’s great.   Philip

Fantastic product  I recommend this certainly to anyone with a black engine Harley its is great it does what it says and also it has no effect on chrome if you overspray – id definitely buy more when I need it – one more thing the tin is quite small but there is more than enough to do at least 2 sessions with it –   James Reid

Why did no one tell me about this  Just bought my first can for my night rod special and was very impressed with the results. I can use it on my black exhaust heatshields also and it bring them up like new. Great product and fantastic customer service. Will buy again, and again, and again   Brian – Derry

Back to Black!  Two minutes for S100 to take the engine back to a showroom look Simple solution for that greyed outlook on black engine of my Harley – Highly Recommended.   Chris – WY

This is a great product  I’ve just used the engine brightener on my Harley. It has brought it up to showroom condition. I will certainly be buying more of this- it’s a brilliant cleaner and I will be certainly recommending it to my mates.   Dave

So if your bike is not quite looking its best because of a faded black engine that now looks a little too grey take a quick look at this gem of a product. You won’t be disappointed.

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A Hot New Competitor – Pig Spit PSO Black

This one is just for the US as unfortunately it is not yet available for our readers in the UK or Europe and also I have not been able to locate it in Australia or Asia.

However judging by the reviews it’s certainly worth considering when looking to get your Harley engine back to black. According to the reviews, I have read it also has the added benefit of working on the plastic and rubber.

We may earn a small commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
05/16/2024 01:48 am GMT

Over To You – Have You Got Your Motorcycle Engine Back To Black?

Do you have a favourite product for getting your faded grey Harley engine (or other motorcycle make) back to black? Have you used S100 Engine Brightener or the newer Pig Spit – what do you think of them? Please share your thoughts and experiences using the comments box below.

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