The Car Wash Products Everyone Should Have in Their Kitbag

Car Wash Products Kit BagWith so many car wash products on the market, choosing which ones to have in your kit bag can be a little confusing. Especially to anyone just starting out in the world of detailing.

Here I will explore some of the essential items anyone from beginner to expect should always have in their detailing kit bag.

The first may come as a bit of a surprise. If like millions of other car owners you regularly use a sponge to wash your car, please make an immediate change and Ditch That Sponge!

By the very nature of their make-up, if a sponge traps even the smallest amounts of dirt or grit between it and your paintwork it will tend to suck up the water leaving the grit to drag across the surface of your paintwork as you wipe, leaving fine swirls and scratches behind it.

Essential Car Wash Products

In place of a sponge the first of your car wash products should include a or a Microfibre Car Wash Mitt as a key item in your kitbag. These types of mitts have long soft fibres which trap and pull the dirt away from your cars bodywork and vastly reducing the chances of swirls and fine scratches.

Meguiar's ME RG203 Yellow Large Car Wash Bucket 5US Gallon

Combine this with regular swilling of your mitt in a second bucketbucket of clean water or under your hose and I can assure you that you that you will not regret making the change.

The next essential item is a good quality car wash shampoo. If you use household washing up liquid or detergents as one of your car wash products – again please stop immediately with your next car wash.

Whilst these products are excellent for getting things “squeaky” clean, by their very nature they are also excellent at stripping off whatever wax and other protection you may have on your paintwork, leaving it exposed to damage by the elements and all the other nasties found in road grime etc.

A good quality car wash shampoo will have been developed to provide maximum cleaning power but without stripping away any of your existing protection. There are many good quality car shampoos available. Look out also for those that are pH neutral i.e. no acidity that could also strip away your paints protection, as this will also be a sign of a good quality shampoo.

On the move or not close to home?, use a Waterless Wash & Wax for an effective clean wherever you are!

Recommended products mentioned so far:

Some brands to consider here are Autoglym, Meguiar’s, Mothers, Sonax & Auto Finesse all of which produce good quality pH neutral car wash products.

The third essential item to include in your car wash products kit bag is a range of good quality cloths. In these days of advanced fibre technology no detailers kit bag is complete without some quality Microfibre Cloths. Whether for applying, polishing or drying there is now a microfibre cloth designed for each specific purpose.

So why Microfibre? Over the last 10 years microfibre cloths have gone from being something of a mystery to one of the most widely used and effective car wash products available for car washing.

The magic of these cloths lies in the micro-thin fibres which rather than being one single round fibre they have microscopic splits from the edge to the centre all around the fibre giving them greater power to absorb water and oils and hold onto direct and grime within their fibres.

Indeed Microfibre cloths will usually be able to absorb at least 7 times their own weight in water. Good quality microfibre cloths are also “lint free” making them ideal for cleaning and polishing your car as they will not leave any fibres or “lint” on your paintwork.

And the third reason for ensuring you have a range of quality microfibre cloths in your car wash products kit bag is that they are washable and re-useable.

So long as you don’t wash them with a fabric conditioner (which tend to clog up the splits in the fibres) then you will have a perfect re-useable cloth time after time, wash after wash.

So with your wash mitt, car shampoo and quality microfibre now added to the car wash product range in your kit bag your are well on your way to ensuring a swirl and scratch free detailing regime to keep your motor gleaming.

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