Wife reveals husband’s happiness with Mothers Ultimate Wax system

A US woman who recently invested in a new family car has revealed her husband's obsession with maintaining its lustre with specialist car cleaning products.

Writing on the family blog Momma's Stuff, Nice stated that he uses car shampoo on their new Honda around twice a week before he finishes it off using Mothers' Ultimate Wax system.

Being careful not to overdo it, her husband only uses the system once a month.

Nice added that she is so happy with the results that she hopes her other half will continue to show such an interest in maintaining the car's shine.

"I hope he'll do it for a long time," she stated.

As well as taking time for car exterior care he also devotes time to cleaning the interior, including vacuuming the carpets.

A recent study by Diamond revealed that men keep their cars cleaner than women do, with 61 per cent washing it at least once a month compared to 46 per cent of ladies.

Posted by Matt Casson

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