Washing, waxing and polishing ‘key to keeping a car looking new’

When it comes to keeping a car looking fresh and new, it is important to use the correct tools and put in the effort.

There are some products that are absolutely essential to achieving a good look and it is vital those serious about detailing have them in their locker.

Some make the mistake of using washing up liquid in place of car shampoo, which will cause more harm than good.

According to Ricohcet's Rapid Detail, shampoo, car waxes and car polishes are essential and it is important that they are used on a regular basis.

"In order to keep your car looking like new, the paint should be thoroughly cleaned, polished and waxed monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly or semi-annualy," the experts said.

Jaime Montoya, owner of JAMS Automotive, told KFOX14 recently that when it comes to maintaining a motor, prevention is better than cure, meaning drivers should clean it regularly rather acting when things start to go wrong.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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