Van drivers ‘more likely to use car care products’

Van drivers take more pride in their vehicles than those who drive cars, with new research showing that they clean and maintain more often than other motorists.

According to a survey by Swinton Insurance, 45 per cent of light commercial vehicle owners use car care products to clean their van, while just a quarter of car drivers do the same thing.

As well as using the right detailing tools, van drivers clean on a more regular basis, with 39 per cent saying that they do the work at least once a week.

In comparison, just 15 per cent of car owners do this.

Phil Moss, commercial vehicle manager at Swinton, said: "A lot of van drivers are self-employed so it is really good for business if adverts on their van are dirt free and are clearly seen."

The study found that van drivers are most likely to employ a sponge to get their motor looking good but there are more effective products than this.

Kevin Wellman, estimator at Dutch Miller Chevrolet Body Shop, told that sponges should be avoided as they can trap dirt and move it around the vehicle, ruining the finish.

Instead van drivers could opt for wash mitts, which are specially designed to be kind to paint jobs.

Posted by Matt Casson

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