Tips for cleaning rubber mats

Car washAn important part of car interior care is cleaning the rubber mats many vehicles have to protect the carpets against dirt and stains.

Joe McDonald, from the Car Cleaning Guru, claims that these mats are effective during the winter months when there is a greater chance of the driver and passengers trampling mud into the floor.

He recommends that owners remove the mats and shake off any loose dirt before using a designated cleaning product, which could be applied using a microfibre cloth or wash mitt.

After rinsing the solution off, the mats should be left to dry and once they have, owners should consider using a designated rubber-dressing product.

Mr McDonald adds that only dedicated solutions should be used for this job, as others can cause damage.

Ronald Kresten, from, wrote on recently that owners should wash their car inside and out before trying to sell it, as this will make a good impression on any potential buyer.

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