Only use ‘quality cleaners and waxes on a car’

Cleaning carIt is important that motorists resist the urge to use washing up liquid to clean their vehicle, as one website claims only top-quality car polishes and waxes should be used.

According to Wicked Local, many cars took a hammering during the recent cold snap, with conditions ranging from heavy rain to snow and ice.

This coupled with the amount of salt used to clear the roads to make them safe to use means that cars are at risk of damage to both the finish and the mechanics.

However, using the best car shampoo, waxes and cleaners to keep the car clean will help fight this.

"Keeping vehicles clean will help protect them from the chemicals and dirt that may attack the car’s finish and undercarriage. Be sure to use quality cleaners and waxes specifically designed for a car’s finish," the site says.

The reason why only the best car waxes and cleaners should be used is the fact that chemicals in washing up liquid can actually break down the wax and attack the underlying paint, it adds.

Cars affected by the dust from the volcanic ash cloud caused by the eruption in Iceland recently should use a pH-neutral car shampoo to remove the dust, according to Autoglym.

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