New cars ‘need to be waxed just like old ones’

The idea that new vehicles do not need car waxes applied to them is miguided, according to one expert.

Jim Dvorak, spokesman for Mother's, told that it is vital owners take steps to protect their bodywork from the elements and car waxes are a vital part of this.

While modern paint is more durable than that used on older models, cars are exposed to a lot of contaminants and eventully these will take their toll.

"Some people think that thier new car or truck never needs wax … that just isn't true," Mr Dvorak told the news provider.

The expert went on to add that there are several steps motorists can take to ensure their vehicle looks great every time they take it out.

To begin with, washing with a good car shampoo is critical, as applying washing up liquid or other household products will strip the wax protection from the paint and expose it to the elements.

Following this, drivers should use clay bars if the bodywork feels rough and grainy when they run their hand along it.

Mr Dvorak stated that twice a year should suffice.

The third step he recommended is applying car waxes, adding that if there is resistence when the owner is washing the paint then it is probably time to use them.

Manufacturer GM told the website that it tests its panels thoroughly against the contaminants most likely to damage vehicles, "including sunlight, saltwater, heat and humidity and even bird droppings".

Ricochet's Rapid Detail recently claimed that there are three essential steps to maintaining a car's good looks – regular washing, waxing and polishing.

The firm stated that depending on the condition of the vehicle, these processes should be repeated on a monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis for the best results.

Posted by Matt Casson

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