More wax needed ‘if water does not bead’

When it comes to car waxes, it is important not to overdo it but at the same time, drivers must be aware of when the time comes to put another layer on.

As wax provides a protective layer against the elements, ensuring the car is covered sufficiently is crucial to maintaining its shine and reducing scratches and dulling.

A crucial way of knowing if the wax layer is ok or needs replacing is the effect of water when it lands on the bonnet.

If the droplets do not form into beads, drivers should think about adding some more, Jill McIntosh, writing for, stated.

"A coating of wax helps protect the paint and prevent a dull finish. If water doesn't bead up, it's time for new wax. Touch up any chips or scratches to prevent rust," she added.

Karl Champley, host of Wasted Spaces, who told that getting rid of scratches is not a difficult process.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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