Meguiar’s Hot Shine Tyre Spray ‘is a great buy’

Car tyre cleaners are essential detailing products and Meguiar's Hot Shine Tyre Cleaner is among the most impressive products drivers can buy.

According to Rory from Car Valeting Pro, the cleaner does a fantastic job on old or new tyres and represents good value for money.

Depending on how many tyres the product is applied to a 500 ml bottle should last for up to a year.

However, it is important that the tyre cleaner is applied properly, with Rory recommending using an applicator pad to do the job.

"Make sure that Hot Shine Tyre Spray is applied well and worked into the tyre, as any excess will splatter up the side of your car," he added.

Those who follow the instructions carefully will find it to be "a great tyre shine product".

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph recently, Paul Normyle, founder of vehicle preparation firm Sine, said that car care products are a sound investment which will pay for themselves when the time comes to sell the vehicle.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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