Karcher K3.550 pressure washer ‘offers great value for money’

A pressure washer is one of the most useful tools drivers can employ when it comes to cleaning the car shampoo off their vehicle and the Karcher K3.550 is one of the best around, it has been claimed.

According to What Car?, it takes a bit longer to put together than some other models on the market but the process is simple and straightforward enough that it is not a hassle.

The clip-and-lock couplers for the trigger and hose connection are easy to fasten and unclip, adding to the machine's appeal.

When it comes to removing salt from the underneath of the car, the Karcher K3.550 pressure washer is more effective than most of its rivals, the magazine said.

"Not only is the Karcher K3.550 a thoroughly capable machine, it's also one of the best for value. Few of the machines we tested could match the Karcher's cleaning performance," the publication concluded.

Roland Head, founder of SimpleMotoring.co.uk, said such a device is crucial for removing corrosive salt from under the wheel arches of a car.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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