Drivers ‘should use biodegradable shampoo on their cars’

Motorists who want to reduce their impact on the environment have been advised to use car shampoo which is biodegradable.

Entrepreneur Craig Burgess, whose business interests include a commercial car wash, told that many people do not realise that some chemicals which run off their vehicles can do harm to the environment.

Substances such as grease, oil, heavy metals and oil can all run off vehicles which have been washed and these can get into the sewer system and do untold damage.

The key, according to writer, is to use car shampoo which is biodegradable and to wash the car on certain surfaces only.

"Use biodegradable soaps and wash on permeable surfaces so that the effluent discharge can seep into the ground," Mr Burgess went on to add.

Drivers could also use biodegradable alloy wheel cleaners when sprucing up their motors, with Autoglym's Custom Wheel Cleaner falling into this category.

Posted by Simone Williams

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