Drivers ‘should apply car waxes the week before Halloween’

On the surface, Halloween may not seem much of a threat to cars, however, there are plenty of things that could leave the paintwork battered and bruised.

Jim Policare, a body shop director at Vinart Collison Center, told that egg whites, bird droppings and bug splats can leave the bodywork looking tired and cause lasting damage if not addressed quickly.

The news provider spoke to several motoring experts about how drivers can protect their vehicles during this period.

According to the gurus, applying car waxes is the best defence against contaminants floating around at this time of year.

They recommended putting them on a week before Halloween, adding that not only will it protect the vehicle during this period, the wax will last way beyond this to provide a safeguard during the colder winter months.

This is particularly important given that salt and grit will more than likely be used to melt ice on the roads.

Rich White, executive director at the Car Care Council, stated recently that regular car maintenance can save drivers money in the long run.

Posted by Simone Williams

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