Drivers ‘need separate wash mitts for the wheels’

When cleaning their cars, it is important that drivers use separate wash mitts for the wheels and bodywork.

Phil Mulkins, writing for Tulsa World, said that using different wash mitts for both areas will ensure that contaminants are not transferred from one surface to another.

"Wheels and tyres should be cleaned with a mitt other than the one used to wash the body to avoid contaminating the vehicle's paint with grit from the tyres," he stated.

Mr Mulkins also recommended that motorists use glass cleaner and wash the windows on the inside and outside.

Bumper cleaning should be left until the very end, the writer noted, as a lot of dirt can accumulate on this part of the vehicle.

Doing a thorough job on the interior is something drivers may want to consider, as research from Queen Mary University found that steering wheels contain nine times as many germs as a public toilet seat.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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