Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax ‘is a cut above the rest’

Car waxes are an essential part of any driver's exterior care kit and one which performs better than the rest is the Dodo Juice Supernatural Wax.

According to a review of the product by a detailing enthusiast writing on the Modded Mustang forum, the wax is "as smooth as butter" when it is applied to the paint despite having a grainy texture while in the tub.

The writer stated that removing the wax was slightly more time consuming than it is with other car waxes, using four microfibre cloths during the process.

However, his efforts were worth it as the vehicle was left looking shiny and new.

"This wax is way better than any paste wax I have used before … you can tell that this wax is a step above normal," the detailer added.

Those who want to compare the Dodo Juice wax to another product could invest in a tub of Autoglym car wax.

Mark Shore, of WMV Sales, told the Montreal gazette recently that it does a very good job.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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  1. Guntherm says:

    The Dodo Juice Supernatural wax is a great wax, you can even apply it by hand!
    I’m a detailer myself and love the whole range of Dodo Juice, the products cost a little bit more but the quality is of a high standard.

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