Detailing ‘should be considered essential car maintenance’

Most drivers think that changing the oil and looking out for worn tyres is what auto maintenance is all about but one expert says that interior and exterior detailing are equally as important in the long run.

Brad Will, from Reflections Auto Salon, claims that motorists should view cleaning their vehicle as vital, with car shampoo, car waxes and clay bars helping to protect the outside.

The interior is equally important, as a failure to use car leather care products will see the inside deteriorate.

"Changing your car's oil often will reduce wear on its engine and detailing your car often will significantly reduce wear on its surfaces," Mr Will notes.

He added that how frequently cleaning should take place depends on the conditions the motor is exposed to, with harsh winter elements meaning it should be cared for on a regular basis.

One detailing item which drivers must use should they live in rural areas is bug cleaner, as insects embedded onto a paint job can do considerable damage after only ten minutes, Lisa Heims-Stout, owner of Auto Butler, told the recently.

Posted by Matt Casson

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  1. With people perhaps keeping their cars for a little longer, this is timely advice. Care for the car’s appearance can help with the value.

    Recent news items suggested that drivers are spending more on fuel because of the dirt they are lugging around. Even some airlines are looking at nano level coatings as there are suggestions that it will move through the air easier if the surface is more slippery.

    If it can work for a plane, why not your car?

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