Detailing ‘is about going from clean to sparkling’

Car detailing is more than just washing and drying, one writer has claimed, stating that it is about elevating it to a new level.

Writing in the Bermuda Sun, Krishna King said that a thorough job involves "cleaning the tiniest parts to transform your vehicle from clean to sparkling like new".

He suggested drivers use alloy wheel cleaner and tackle the rims and tyres first, before moving onto the bodywork with a specialist car shampoo.

Mr King also recommended using small car brushes to tackle hard to reach areas.

After washing the entire body, car waxes and car polishes should be applied.

"One application of wax is sufficient and any excess should be removed with a very soft cloth," the writer added.

Phil Mulkins, writing for Tulsa World, said recently that drivers should use different wash mitts for the bodywork and the wheels, as this will avoid transferring dirt and grime from one surface to the other.

Posted by Anne Simpson 

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