Cars ‘should be washed from top to bottom’

Man washing carThere is a method to washing a car in the correct way and drivers should keep this in mind if they want their motor to look all it can be.

According to Shane Watson, from the Car Guide, owners should apply the car shampoo and wash from the top to the bottom, doing one side at a time.

The writer also suggested that people do not wash their car in the sun but instead look for a cool, dry place to park it.

"One should look for a shady spot when washing and away from those tress with dropping leaves and dripping sap," he stated.

Mr Watson went on to add that keeping a car clean and shiny makes the owner feel proud.

To get rid of bird muck, recommends drivers invest in top-quality car shampoo and other products rather than using washing-up liquid, which can damage the paintwork.

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