Car’s looks ‘need to be maintained’

It is important a car looks good whether it has done 75 or 75,000 miles and that means putting in the time and effort in maintaining its lustre.

Car waxes, car shampoo and car polishes are among the products that will allow drivers to protect their paint from the elements and help them avoid expensive re-spray jobs.

This is something endorsed by Ray Cox, writing for the Christian Science Monitor, who said that the older a vehicle gets, the more likely the paint will suffer from scratches, oxidation and chipping.

He recommended putting in the time and effort to safeguard the bodywork from potential threats.

"Wash and wax your car regularly and if you can, keep your vehicle in the garage to protect it from the elements," Mr Cox noted.

Recent research by found that the majority of women still see car maintenance as a job for men to carry out.

Posted by Matt Casson

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