Car scratch removal ‘is not that difficult’

Drivers may dread the thought of scratches on their car but as long as they are not particularly deep, taking care of them is pretty straightforward.

That is the view of Karl Champley, host of Wasted Spaces, who told that he regularly returns to his vehicle to find nicks and marks on it.

As well as using car scratch remover, drivers can employ a system which involves using a common drill and sanding the affected area.

This is known as a scratch removal system and the key is not to "freak out" because the paintwork becomes dull.

"There's no need to worry because you'll sand it to where you remove the scratch and then you basically buff it with a rubbing compound and it makes it look so much better and to protect it you put on a wax," Mr Champley told the news provider.

Turtle Wax recently unveiled a new car scratch remover kit containing a clarifying compound, spray lubricant, touch-up pen and three abrasive pads.

Posted by Matt Casson

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