Car polishers ‘can work wonders’

Spring could be the perfect time to get a motor in tip-top condition in preparation for long outdoor drives in the summertime – and car polishers could be the ideal products to get vehicles looking their best.

Bob Forward of Ens Toyota has claimed this time of year is ideal for giving an automobile a deep clean, the Star Phoenix reports.

The industry expert noted: "Wash off all the soap and give the body a good polish job. Does wonders for it."

He explained that a good hand polish is required at least once a year, adding that car polish can help to lift off industrial fall-out and brings off any grime that has built up on the surface, before resealing the paint.

Those looking to reduce the likelihood of suffering from allergies while driving this spring may also want to use car wax, as Carolina Live recently reported that the method is an easy way of keeping a motor pollen-free.

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