Car polish essential for Citroen’s award-winning beauty?

Car polish may be high on the list of priorities for owners of the new Citroen DS4, recently vote Most Beautiful Car of the Year in an internet poll.

And car shampoo could help keep the model looking like it just rolled out of the showroom, as more than 60,000 web surfers agree on the attractiveness of the vehicle, with the award presented at the official ceremony of the 26th International Automobile Festival on Thursday (January 27th).

Citroen claims the machine "fully honours the philosophy of the DS line, with its bold stance on styling, driving sensations, architecture and sophistication", indicating owners will be inspired to keep it in excellent condition.

Other candidates for the award likely to enjoy lots of car polish attention include the BMW 5 Series Sedan, whose design was described as "charismatic, elegant and sporting".

Convertible cleaner would be useful for a third contender, the Renault Wind, a two-seater soft-top car which rolls down in just 12 seconds.

Posted by Anne Simpson 

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