Car leather care products key to revitalising seats?

Car makers charge extra for leather seats and those who have shelled out for these optional extras need to take steps to protect their investment.

The sun's rays and general wear and tear can leave them looking cracked and tired, however, a car leather care products can breathe some new life into them and help them last monger.

Drivers can invest in car leather shampoo and conditioner and apply it as per the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure their seats look fresh and clean.

The guys at Victory Detailing recently did an interior cleaning job and tackled the seats in much the same way, as well as giving the carpets a thorough going over.

To begin with, they vacuumed the cabin from top to bottom.

"Next, we did spot treatment on tough stains [to] bring the carpets back to the original colour. We vacuumed again and spent time cleaning the stains from the leather seats," the team noted.

According to International AERO products, upholstery stains should never be cleaned in a sideways motion.

Posted by Matt Casson

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