Car interior care ‘is no less important than exterior maintenance’

As most people only see the outside of a vehicle drivers can be tempted to neglect car interior care to concentrate more on the paint job, however, this is not acceptable.

Steve Carter, writing in the Argonaut, said that car interior cleaning is just as – if not more – important as this is where the driver and his family and friends will spend their time.

What motorists need to invest in is a good glass cleaner and car air fresheners, while vacuuming and throwing away bits of rubbish are also essential.

Maintaining the outside of the vehicle is important as well, with Mr Carter recommending the use of car waxes and microfibre cloths to get the job done well.

According to a recent entry on CarTech Autoparts, car leather cleaner is a must buy if drivers want to protect their leather seats from wear and tear and from the sun's rays.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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