Car cleaning brushes ‘should be part of a detailing kit’

Having the right equipment is essential if drivers are to get their car looking shiny and new and that means investing in more than just car shampoo and car polishes.

Items such as microfibre cloths and alloy wheel cleaners are also crucial to achieving a stunning overall finish.

Another important inclusion in any auto detailing kit is car cleaning brushes, which can allow drivers to access difficult to reach places and give them a thorough clean as well.

This is a point made by Rob MacGregor, who told a reader of the Globe and Mail that he is a fan of such items and that they can be purchased in a variety of shapes and lengths.

"Long cylindrical brushes with short bristles work well on wheels," he stated.

Drivers can also purchase car brushes to use on the dashboard and in the vents.

Investing in such products could come in handy in the coming weeks, as an acidic pollen cloud is heading to the UK from Europe which will damage car paint jobs should it be left to settle on the bodywork.

Posted by Mark Henderson

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