Car care ‘important’ this summer

Motorists who pride themselves on car care are among those who wish to get their vehicles in the best possible condition before taking to the roads this summer.

Shawn Hoelzer, master technician for CarMax – a US used car firm – told that people can often forget about their vehicles when carrying out an annual spring cleaning regime.

"Following a few easy steps to spruce up your vehicle helps avoid costly repairs," he suggested.

Among the things he warned individuals to look out for is issues with air conditioning, battery strength and the thickness of tyre tread.

Consumers might like to take a closer look at their car next time they make use of alloy wheel cleaners or car waxes.

More than half of UK drivers allow their tread depth to fall to low levels before taking action to resolve it, something that may prove dangerous, recent research conducted by revealed.

Posted by Matt Casson 

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