Bugs ‘can do untold damage to a car’s paint’

Drivers may think that small insects splattered against their paint cannot do that much harm but nothing could be further from the truth.

Lisa Heims-Stout, owner of Auto Butler, told the thetelegraph.com that insect splats are something which should be cleaned up as soon as possible, as the consequences could be dire otherwise.

Highlighting the need for a good bug cleaner, Ms Heims-Stout said that dead bugs can corrode the paint and this is especially true in the summer, when the heat accelerates the process.

"People don't understand what can happen with bugs; they can be baked in with heat. If you don't get them off and it rains, it sets them in the clear coat," she told the website.

Motorists should also invest in a good car shampoo, with Ms Heims-Stout going on to add that ideally, vehicles should be washed once a week.

Research carried out last year by Autoglym highlighted just how much damage dead insects can do, with the company stating that bugs and bird lime can begin to degrade paint in little over ten minutes.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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