Bringing a car’s shine back ‘does not require a full re-spray’

The elements can take their toll on a car and make the paintwork look tired and faded, however, that does not mean the whole vehicle has to be re-sprayed.

With such top-quality car care products available, motorists can spend a few hours taking care of their pride and joy and breathing new life into it.

The guys at Victory Detailing were recently called out to treat a vehicle that had seen better days.

Swirl marks and oxidation were becoming apparent and the team decided the best way to tackle the problem was to invest in clay bars, microfibre cloths and car waxes and take it from there.

"We began with a wash and scrub of the entire vehicle. This removed the bulk of the dirt covering the surface. The clay bar finished bringing the paint back to a 'bare' state free of surface contamination. After drying the van down with microfibre, we applied a coat of carnauba wax," the experts noted.

Jaime Montoya, owner of JAMS Automotive, told KFOX14 recently that when it comes to maintaining vehicles, prevention is better than cure.

Posted by Matt Casson

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