Bird droppings ‘must be removed straight away’

Bug cleaner, car shampoo and microfibre cloths are items that drivers may wish to have in stock at all times, as they are essential for removing bird dropping, tree sap and insect splats effectively.

According to an entry on the blog, such contaminants must be cleaned off straight away otherwise they can cause untold damage to the car's paint.

The source stated that this is one of the five most essential tasks which drivers must carry out in between detailing jobs.

"These spots have a high level of acidity that eats through the wax on your car and starts to damage the actual paintwork over time. The faster you get it off the paintwork the less damage it will cause," the article added.

Research carried out last year by Autoglym found that bug splats can cause just as much damage to a car as bird droppings and that drivers must be vigilant and remove them on a regular basis.

Posted by Anne Simpson

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