‘Always’ use car shampoo instead of washing up liquid

Washing the carWith the weather improving many people will be out washing their cars, however, there are a few steps to follow to ensure the best results, according to one blogger.

Ken, writing on Petrol Love – My Love Affair with Cars, said that the first thing to do is to wait until mid-to-late afternoon before cleaning, as it is likely to be cooler at this time.

The second must-know is to always use a car shampoo and not washing-up liquid.

"It is best not to use washing-up liquid on paintwork as it may be too aggressive for the lacquer, always use a car wash shampoo," Ken stated.

He added that drivers should also wash from top to bottom, as this ensures that the dirt does not get moved around too much.

According to the Superior Shine blog, using solutions other than car shampoo can dry out the rubber door seals and strip away any wax on the bodywork.

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