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P21S PowerGel - 1L

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P21S PowerGel - 1L Refill

P21S PowerGel - 1L Refill

1000ml (l Litre) P21S Powergel Refill.

The following video shows how to use P21S Powergel and how effective it is at removing brake dust. The narration however is in German but the video "speaks for itself".

Customer Reviews

  Keeps your wheels Brand new in appearance forever   I tried to find a great wheel cleaner and this is the best the way it cuts through Brake dust grime and is so safe . The smell can be offputting but when you see what it does you will never turn back , I use it regulary andf on a 4 year old car travelling 40K miles per year the wheels are as new !    Duncan Rainbird - Nuneaton

  Powergel - Amazing Product and so easy to use.  I bought this product after looking through so many reviews of different wheel cleaners on the internet. Whilst power spray dispenser does tend to dispense quite a lot of the product you won't get cleaner wheels. I am amazed at what this stuff does and without being corrosive. Definitely Recommended    Anthony Poole - Cheshire

  its the one  does just what it says disolves dirt grime and baked on brake dust spray on apply a little agitation suggest non scratch scouring sponge jet wash off for best results or you can wash it off with shampoo and rinse great product    David Lack - Middlesex

  Excellent  I decided to try this product on my wire wheels. It is superb. The virtually inaccessible areas between the spokes have never been cleaner.It is one product where spending the extra money is worth it.    XK150wanderer - Bedale

  Fab  By far best product I have used and will be back for more...easy to use. Was sceptical as to the claims but not any more...superb stuff and well recommended    Ian - dundee

  Outstanding  I did loads of research into what is the best alloy wheel cleaner, reading forums and reviews on lots of products but this one kept cropping up and sounded too good to be true. I have to warn you it smells revolting but boy does it work. Don't hesitate trying it, it's amazing!    Mark Connolly - Huddersfield

  Brilliant Stuff  I bought this refill because I ran out of the original 500ml trigger bottle I originally purchased. This stuff will clean your alloys wiothout fail. It will even clean your brake calipers if you want to sprat or paint them. It's not cheap, but it's worth it.    Pearce - Torfaen

  Good Stuff!  I'm not easily impressed but this is impressive!    Dennis E. - Welwyn

PerformanceMotorcare | Motorcycle & Motorbike Cleaning Products & Kits | Motorcycle Wheel Cleaning |  P21S PowerGel - 1L