Top 10 Car Care Christmas Present Ideas for Car Lovers

Author: Rob Mobberley

Car Care Christmas Present IdeasHaving recently been asked by a close friend for ideas for a Christmas present for a car lover who has nearly everything, I immediately reeled off a list of the items I could think of. But looking at the bemusement on her face then realised that I was in fact reeling off my own, rather biased, wish list and not necessarily what her other-half or others would want or need.

So taking a step back I began to think about what others might be looking for – but where to begin? The answer didn’t take long – why don’t I take a good look at what our customers have been seeking for their friends, family and loved as the perfect gift in the run up to this and previous Christmas’s.

So through the data I trawled and finally armed with this research, I have put together are our top ten Xmas present ideas for the car fanatic in your life.

  1. By far the most popular is the trusty, quality Chamois Leather– with sizes from 3 sqft to 6-7 sqft these make the perfect gift for any car enthusiast
  2. Car Leather Care – anyone with leather car seats will appreciate these items to keep their interior in tip top condition.
  3. Autoglym Car Valeting Kit – by far the most popular car cleaning kit sought at this time of year for Christmas Presents. Now if i was on telly I would have to say “other car cleaning kits by other brands are also available”
  4. Extra Large Microfibre Drying Towels – similarly why chamois leathers are popular gifts these make very light work of drying the car and are always appreciated by those that regularly clean and pamper their cars.
  5. Leather Scented Air Fresheners – an ideal stocking filler for those with leather seats – these inexpensive gifts will put the scent of leather back into their car.
  6. The amazing Hyrda Flexi Blade – you may have seen the local car wash guys using these to quickly and effectively remove the water from the cars – a great gift idea.
  7. Pure Wool Wash Mitt – if you know anyone who uses a sponge to wash their car this is a must as the trusted pure lambswool or sheepskin washmitt will help reduce fine scratches and swirls that can easily be formed when using sponges.
  8. Mini-Vac Attachments – if you have ever tried or seen someone try and get into clean the cracks and crevices of the car you will appreciate this set of mini tools that can attach to any vacuum cleaner and make cleaning those hard to reach places a doddle.
  9. Superspray– an easy to use and effective hose end attachment that allows you to spray both clean water and a mix of your favourite car shampoo simply at the turn of a dial, removing the need for a seperate bucket of car wash solution – genius.
  10. Grit Guard – ideal for any car cleaning enthusiast – the Grit Guard fits at the bottom of the bucket trapping the grit that comes off the car out of the wash mitt at the bottom of the bucket. This prevents it mixing back up in the water, back onto the mitt and back onto the car – significantly helping to reduce swirls and fine scratches.

These are some of the most popular Christmas present ideas people have been seeking to buy for the car lovers in their lives in recent times and hopefully it may give you some ideas of what to look for for your friends, family and colleagues, this festive season.

For those of you with seasoned car cleaning fanatics in your life, and who have more car cleaning products than Imelda Marcos had shoes, the following is a short list of items that would be appreciated by anyone who can spend a whole Sunday – and sometimes longer cleaning their car:

  1. Microfibre cloths – you may already know this but you can never have enough of these.
  2. Clay Bars – used by professionals and enthusiasts alike to achieve the perfect silk smooth finish prior to polishing and waxing.
  3. Detailing Kit Bag – something to store and carry the essential range of car cleaning products in.
  4. Car Polish & Wax Applicator Pads– again the serious car detailer can never have enough of these items to apply their wax and polish.
  5. Dual Action Car Polishing Machine – for those who have not yet made the leap to machine polishing these are the ideal machine and can save hours of time.

I hope you find these ideas useful and wish you a happy and enjoyable holiday season.

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